Concrete Tank Repairs

Concrete Tank Repairs

Do you have an old concrete tank that you are looking at bringing back to life?

Is your concrete water tank starting to crack and leak?

Have you noticed that your roof is starting to rust?

Tank Liners

Water Tank Solutions are proud to use premium products, this is why we decided to be a local agent of Bartlett Tank Liners. Local to us in Ballarat Victoria, Bartlett Tank Liners is one of the largest manufacturers of water tank liners in Australia. Bartlett Tank Liners has been developed exclusively for the use of a water tank liner, the fabric used has proven qualities to meet every customer’s requirements:


SAFE: AS/NZS 4020 approved and BPA free.


STRENGTH: The liner we use contains woven polyethylene weaves for extra strength. As we found that the unsupported liners stretch.


INTEGRITY: Bartlett Tank Liners have produced a double seal tape welded seam exclusive to the tank liner we use. The seal tape not only adds integrity but it is also an extra barrier to protect against the intrusion of termites and tree roots.


PEACE OF MIND: Bartlett Tank Liners come with a 10 year conditional manufacturers warranty. The liner we use comes with a higher life expectancy and has been known to be in commission after 20 years.


Liner Strength:

Bartlett Tank Liners go through extensive testing to ensure a premium quality product. As you can see in a water pressure test below, the Bartlett Tank Liner remains in its original shape at a high head pressure level, an unsupported liner would likely stretch, affecting the overall integrity of the liner.



Weld Seal Tape:

The double seal weld tape is exclusive to Bartlett Tank Liners. It’s purpose is to increase protection against termite damage and tree root intrusion, this weld seal tape also adds additional security and integrity of the liner.


As you can see below, Bartlett Tank Liners discovered the need for this weld seal tape after these occurrences.



Tank Roofing

Water Tank Solutions does not only install new water tanks, we can repair them as well. Is your tank roof starting to rust? Has your tank roof collapsed? Water Tank Solutions will provide not only a specialised repair but the outcome will be one you are happy with for years to come.


Using only Colorbond and Zincalume for our roofing, these products haveĀ been specifically manufactured to be strong, secure, look great and deliver outstanding, long life performance. Ranging in 22 colours, you can choose a roof colour to suit the theme of your home, shed or other building choices.


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