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All of Heritage Water Tanks walls have been engineer certified to ensure durability, strength and longevity. In comparison to other tanks in the market, Heritage Water Tanks walls are thicker and are more resistant to outward pressure. To provide longevity and a quality product, this is why Heritage Water Tanks chose the thicker wall, it does not only make the wall stronger, it makes the wall more resistant to tanks with a thinner wall profile. Heritage Water Tanks pride themselves in a 1mm BlueScope Steel wall thickness.


Heritage Water Tanks offers 2 attractive profiles: Corrugated & Streamline






EvaRain Circular Tank Gutter System

EvaRain Circular Tank Gutter System is unique to Heritage Water Tanks and is Australian designed and manufactured. Heritage Water Tanks all-new gutter system has the ability to collect nearly 100% of rain from your water tank roof.


The EvaRain Gutter System has the benefit of providing a first flush before the water enters the tank from your roof. By simply turning your filter to the ‘off’ position, the first rains can be manually directed outside of the tank, this ensures no small debris or leaves can enter your water tank. This system will collect up to 25,000L of extra water each year! (Depending on your average yearly rainfall) *This accessory is an optional accessory. If you would like a quote on this, please give us a call.



Vermin Tank Seal

Heritage Water Tanks uses a polyurethane foam sealing strip between the top of the tank wall and the roofing sheets. With the weight of the roof, the foam will compress, meaning the product fills the gaps created by the corrugated roof. By sealing the tank, this creates a weather-proof seal that prevents dust and insects from entering the tank. *This accessory is an optional accessory. If you would like a quote on this, please give us a call on 0409 238 242.




The geotextile membrane is perfect for added protection, it sits between the Heritage Water tanks ARMAFresh Liner and the water tank base. This product will help prevent damage against sharp objects like rocks and stones.



ARMAFresh Liner

  • Microbe Resistant
  • 100% BPA free
  • Foodgrafe


Heritage Water Tanks ARMAFresh Liner has been certified to all related drinking water Australian Standards AS/NZ 4020.


At Heritage Water Tanks, our quality is never compromised compared to our closest competitors. Heritage Water Tanks ARMAFresh Liner has been independently tested and wins in three critical areas, Shear Strength, Tear Strength and Density.




Wall Thickness Comparison Chart





Water Tank Pad Preparation


We highly recommend following our Pad Preparation guide. This will ensure no delays on the day of installation.


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